Supply a DVB-T2 transmission/receiving system for 4K UHD experimental broadcast to





Win the contract with GUGAK FM of Korea for SM CNS¡¯ advanced Tx site remote-


controlling solution package, Acrovision package. It enables automated control and


monitor of equipments, environmental components, and the transmitter over any


network including using a smart-phone



Contract awarded for Korea RAPA¡¯s annual overseas T-DMB trial support project for



test&monitor, etc. targeting at Dubai.



Complete phase 1 deployment of T-DMB End-to-End systems for Asia Media Sdn. Bhd.,


Malaysia. It is for Asia Media¡¯s commercial license over L-band spectrum and SM CNS


delivered own STBs for trial as well as full range of test solutions.



Successfully completed T-DMB head-end system contract for Indonesia¡¯s trial at


Unissula university covering Semarang region. The trial is being performed using



over 6,000 receivers and 1.2Kw RF power at band-III



Finished system supply and SAT of 320 E1&analogue VRS for air traffic control


communications center of Inchon International Airport



Finished system supply and operation turn-up of 340 E1&analogue VRS for air



traffic control communications center of Kimpo Airport



Supply and installation of VoIP & analogue hybrid VRS to Jeon-Buk bank of Korea