Distribution & System integration



- Voice Recording Systems: Cybertech/NICE SYSTEMS for Public safety segment


- Broadcasting systems, software, RF equipments for broadcasting, IPTV products


- Major supplier : VDL S.A. of France, WinMedia of France , Thomson Grass Valley of France via a sister


  company SAMA GVC



R&D / Manufacturing


- Development of test equipment for T-DMB/DAB/DAB+, RF receiver module for analyser


- Manufacturing T-DMB/DAB/DAB+ test & monitor systems, encoding systems, etc: all PC-based



Consulting, technical support & maintenance



- For all product lines by SM CNS



Our company is committed to the realization of optimal multimedia services that corresponds to the new digital economy. In the advent of convergence of communications and broadcasting, we are striving towards that goal through fundamental transformation of the conventional solution that other providers have supplied until now. SM CNS specializes in supplying distinctive solutions using various business models.

Through domestic and international channels, as well as our own development and manufacturing programs, we provide customers with the top quality solutions they need. With those solutions comes the security of quality products that can evolve according to the company¡¯s changing requirements.

SM CNS, widely known for its related tettrestrial-DMB products, is solidifying its position as the T-DMB total solution provider capable of providing an end-to-end solution, from the head-end multiplexing and monitoring system for broadcasting companies, to the complete package for receiver development/manufacturers. Our coverage and capabilities will continuously grow to further multimedia arena of the industry.

We dedicate our accumulated experience and technology to the satisfaction of our customers, whose trust and business SM CNS values so highly. We strive always to provide them with better technology and services, by searching for and developing new products. Our company¡¯s management philosophy makes fundamental principles a priority, and we assure you that we will continuously search for and train talented people who will help us grow into a model corporation that contributes to the development of the broadcasting and communications industry.

Thank you.

Jay Inn
CEO/President of SM CNS




Secured certificate of Inno-Biz : Certificate No. 7013-4019

Secured certificate of Venture : Certificate No. 2010010130

Registered certificate of R&D Lab. : Certificate No.  20072591

Secured certificate of ISO 9001(Quality Management Systems) : Certificate No. Q209809

Secured certificate of ISO 14001(Environmental Management Systems) : Certificate No. E098309

Secured membership of World DMB Forum

Secured membership of TFK(TPEG Forum Korea)

Secured membership of KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) : Certificate No. : 2007-15