T-DMB/DAB+/DAB & FM Radio all-in-one

Band III & L-band support

Record & replay of T-DMB mobile TV or DAB+/DAB digital radio

File replay of video and MP3 audio

Photo view

Ergonomic design with intuitive LCD touch screen


4.3 Digital LCD Mini TV & Digital radio on wide veiw

The SMCNS compact portable media player UBMT-P1 bring you T-DMB mobile TV, DAB+/DAB digital radio, FM radio and multi-media player all-in-one ergonomic receiver device.
Turn on mobile TV and stay tuned anywhere you have T-DMB/DAB+/DAB coverage or FM radio. Whether you want up-to-the-minute news or entertainment that travels with you while youre on the go, now you can surf your favorite shows on your mobile screen.


 With UBMT-P1 Receiver you can:


Own the easy-to-use for all the features on LCD touch screen at affordable price

Receive T-DMB/DAB+/DAB mobile TV & digital radio broadcasting in on mobile device

Watch your favorite mobile TV programs and channels while on the go

Enjoy excellent reception with the integrated antenna

FM radio, Movie Player and MP3 Player will add even more fun and convenience

Photo Viewer offers an easy and convenient way to see and share digital photos of your favorite

people or anything you choose, instantly without a computer!

* OEM or re-branding available per MOQ order