Broad display digital LCD mini TV, designed by the updated T-DMB/DAB+/DAB services with


high quality screen & audio

Easy and convenient operation by using full touch LCD display

4~6 hours continuous Movie or DMB play support by using 1000mAh built-in battery

Enjoy A/V play without external earphone/headphone by using 1W Built in mono speaker

FM Radio play support (optional)

MP3 player and photo viewer support

4.3 inch LCD size , 16:9 widescreen (4:3 screen support as well)

480 X 272(QVGA) resolution

Timed auto turn on and off

External micro SD slot support


: 1, 2, 8 and 16 GB microSD * memory card Not included

Earphone output jack

Easy software upgrade

Can be powered by DC 5V from USB cable and rechargeable


(2~3hours will it take to charge maximum power)


Range : 88~108MHz


H.264 / MP3(MPEG-1 audio layer 3) format file only


: File trans-coding available easily on the internet


Band III, Dual band frequency support


: Band III(174~240MHz), L-Band(1452~1492MHz)

Very high sensitivity reception can support endless watching TV


: -98dBm(Band III), -94dBm(L-Band)

Live Play, Play with Recording, Play back from recorded file support

DAB+, DAB Audio Decoding

DMB Video and Visual Radio (H.264, BSAC/AAC Plus) Decoding

MOT (Slide Show, DLS) data Decoding


File format : MP3

Bitrates : 8Kbps ~ 320Kpbs


JPG file format