TETRA Voice Recording Solution provided by SM CNS is capable of recording and integrated replaying of the following diverse call types.


  Individual phone communication (all communications that go through the system), train number

  Conference Call

  Emergency Call (Mark the related event)

  Phone and Radio Connection Call

  Exclusive of DMO that does not go through the system


TETRA Recording Solution



The Repay GUI by the DVRS can show you the result in graphic on the screen per channel and time. This function makes it possible for the users easily re-construct the situation, and can demonstrate silence parts during each communication realistically. Therefore, it can show the circumstances of an accident more realistically, and supports the scenario regeneration capacity for the accident analysis.



The search results found through the search criteria (Radio ID, etc) displays on the screen along with related information (talk group, call format, etc). In addition, the real communication period and non-communication period will be displayed per each different time, so that you can easily see the actual details of the communications.