The digital signal splitter/switch is used for active, decoupled splitting of a 2.048 Mbit/s-signal acc. ITU-T Rec. G.703 to 2 outputs


Supports ETI (ETS 300 799) and STI (ETS 300 797 standard formats.

Performs frame aligned switching between input streams.

Timestamp of outgoing ETI frames.

Input channel selection can be set-up to be either manual or automatic.

Web interface is provided for monitoring and control.

SNMP V2 is supported for monitoring and control.

Firmware and software can be upgraded via RS232 from host PC. All required tools are provided.

G.703(NI)/G.704(NA) inteface (both input and output)

selected input stream can be output via IP.

Performs CRS calculation according to DAB standards.

External or internal clock synchronisation.

Excellent jitter rejection for the external PPS signal.

Redundant power supplies.