ETI Stream Generation


Recorded Stream from worldwide broadcasters,


Pattern Stream, PRBS Stream)

Audio(Musicam/DAB+), Video(H.264, BSAC/


ACC+ with, or without BIFS) Services support

Data (MOT, TPEG, etc.)  service support

Band II, III, L-Band output support

IF (2.048, 36, 38.912, 44MHz) output and CW


output support

RF Level control (0dBm ~ -120dBm)


Test Automation provides automatic transmission of set-up parameters as defined by the user in stead of setting the values manually each time.

Measurement time


RF Level Rang(From/To)

RF Level change unit(step)

Measurement time for each Level


SMC-5000 offers PRBS stream to inspect the RF receiving efficiency of the receiver efficiency of the receiver with built-in BER measurement feature in the same system. In order to measure BER (Bit Error Rate), SMC-5000 transmit PRBS pattern and the receiver transmit (delivered) data back to SMC-5000.


Part Number



All-In-One  T-DMB/DAB+/DAB Signal Generator
(ETI Stream Generator + COFDM Modulator + RF Up-converter) + AUTO BER Test



Rack-mounted Main frame



Additional Up-converter option. 2 Up-converters recommended for selectivity test

  DABAir-II Plus

DABAir-II Plus On-Air Analyser basic package option (Basic Monitor plus player)
: choice of built-in installation, or stand-alone unit