The ultimate software suite for preparing and injecting
     PAD (Program Associated Data) for DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB Visual Radio

  PMS Injector


  the main component responsible for actual PAD injection

  PMS Console


  the application providing contrl over every aspect of PMS

  PMS Data Store


  the data store for PMS supporting XML metadata


A PAD image is an HTML4 page with CSS2x

Based on a template HTML page, multiple images and anti-aliased texts with varying fonts and colors can


be mixed with extreme freedom

PMS Data Store deals with fonts, HTML templates as well as images and texts


XML metadata: tag and categorize your assets without restriction. Thanks to XML metadata, any data can


be attached to any asset, and it can be used to find your assets fast

Variety of assets: images, fonts, Java components for automation, HTML templates, etc.

Easy interface to any system: easing creation of 3rd party or site-specific automatic data gathering system


Flexible scheduling of PAD


- Repetitions of some injections as base rules


- Overriding schedules based on the exact time

Instance insertion overriding the current schedule

Injection state monitoring via PMS Console