In particular, we are focusing our efforts on providing a distinguished solution, one example of which is the successful winning of the contract to participate in the Busan subway line 3 construction project, a new concept DVRS pilot project which is applied to the TETRA system that is adopted as the standard for the domestic public wireless network.

DVRS is a system that is capable of recording phone conversation without affecting the wireless or wired phone communication, and is a necessary system when you need to provide transaction history and detail of an accident when such conflict situations arise.


The Application & Possibilities of DVRS


CCenter: Home shopping channels, credit card companies, travel agents, customer service centers, etc.

Financial Institutes: Insurance Companies, Futures & Securities, Stock Companies, Banks, etc.

Public Facilities: Airports, Seaports, Train Authorities, Police/911, Etc.


Expected Benefits :


Training of the consulting staffs, improved services (Increase the intangible values in business management fields)

Legal Proofs (Proof of transaction history, etc)

Accident Analysis (Analyze an accident by reconstructing the accident scenario)

Prevention of accidents