T-DMB/DAB+/DAB all-in-one unit

Band III or L-Band reception

Easy operation & maintenance including remote control

Reliability & dependability

Market leading A/V quality



Digital Audio/Video Set-to box for T-DMB/DAB/DAB

The SMCNS compact set-top box DABAir-STB bring you to T-DMB mobile TV, DAB+ digital radio presented on wide LCD TV in the bus, train, tram or other public transportation in stable and durable ways.

DABAir-STB will be turn-on and playing services automatically after engine start up of Bus etc. while offering remote control for easy installation, set-up and maintenance of the unit.

Passengers enjoy watching mobile TV or DAB+/DAB digital radio with slide show at anywhere within T-DMB/DAB+/DAB coverage. Whether they want latest news or entertainment that travels with them on the road.


High performance parts and the proven module design ensures good RF sensitivity and A/V quality. .

Rugged case, band pass filter, high-quality chipset prevent unwanted signal

Automatic start by engine ignition

Easy operation and maintenance for all the features by using remote controller

T-DMB mobile TV, DAB+/DAB digital radio broadcasting in one unit at driving speed upto 200km/hour

Band III support (you can change to L-Band option as well)

Standard rod antenna can be replaced with locally sourced shark or other types of antenna

Cigar jack adapter or direct wiring to vehicles battery available