T-DMB/DAB+/DAB services with high quality video & audio

Band III frequency support (Can be changeable to L-Band, optional)


: Band III(174~240MHz), L-Band(1452~1492MHz)

Very high sensitivity reception can support endless watching TV


: upto -98dBm(Band III), - 94dBm(L-Band) depending on RF environment

Video/Audio Splitter included in DABAir-STB. So, 2 RCA outputs for video (1, 2) and 2 RCA output (2sets of


left/right) for Audio output can be supported simultaneously. (Video connector can be changeable to RGB type)

Providing high quality of video screen by using additional quality/ sharpness / brightness compensation chipset

Scalable according to the screen size

Power protection Function by using Power on/off switch

Auto Power boot up support after turn on the ignition

Frequency scanning support by using remote controller

Remote control (controller device included) support

Digital high-sensitive Rod antenna

Quick & Easy access by convenient function key of remote controller


: Menu, Scan, Audio/Video, Channel selection, Volume selection, mute etc.

Upgradable from SMCNS

2EA of Analog RCA output support for video out (or RGB)

2EA of Stereo L/R audio output (RCA jack) )

Can be powered by DC 12~14V from either Battery or Cigar jack output of Car


T-DMB Specifications compliant

Video Decoding : MPEG-4 H.264, either 30 fps or 25 fps

Audio Decoding : BSAC and AAC Plus


DAB+ Specifications compliant

Decoding : MPEG 2 Layer 2 and AAC Plus


DAB+/DAB Audio with PAD Data service decoding

Slideshow and DLS support


No BWS/web browser based services available