Intensive Signle-Frequency Network measurement


CIR (Channel Impulse Response) / Constellation measurement and measured result display using Graph and Chart


Up to 1ms wide range scope by 0.48 micro second resolution as well as Zoom mode support


  (30/50/300/450/600/750/900, 1) and manual scale conversion support


Both dBm Value and Absolute (linear) value display support


Simple identification of echoes using tabular lists and marker functions


Can able to save CIR measurement result by image file easily


Constellation point with color display of frequency distribution of individual symbols


MER / EVM (RMS, Peak) value can be displayed in the CIR pane


Constellation diagram with high processing speed for detecting short-duration interferers

Reliable RF signal and services Monitoring


RF signal monitoring & recording with GPS location available


Service View, Service monitor & analysis

Two different type of Main Frame support


Small size set top box design can provide maximum mobility (DABAir-SFN - Settop)


2U Rack mount type platform can be selectable in Tx site etc. (DABAir-SFN - 2U)

Alarm support via SNMP Trap