DABAir-Multi(T-DMB/DAB+/DAB Multi Monitoring System) is the true full services monitoring system for T-DMB/DAB+/ DAB broadcasting, system installation, and R&D applications in conjunction with T-DMB/DAB+/ DAB on-air field monitor& analyser by SM CNS.

Multi-View feature provides simultaneous play and monitor of all the Audio/Video/Data services of sub channels in the whole Ensemble block received via RF interface, based on patented multi-streaming method inside, while providing same extensive Ensemble status of RF reception as well as strong monitor & analysis features.

DABAir-Multi offers intuitive GUI for ease- of-use and the system can be configured in a variety of ways to meet exact demands when ordered, together with upgrade path by selecting various software and hardware options.

ETI monitor features can also be integrated into one system if needed. The user can enjoy the benefits of state-of-the art full services monitoring system, which grows together with future demands.




 T-DMB/DAB+/DAB Monitor & trouble shooting at the Broadcast center
 T-DMB/DAB+/DAB systems installation & service turn-up 
  T-DMB/DAB+/DAB Transmission site Monitoring
  Usagefor Government Radio Monitoring Authorities
 T-DAB/DMB+/DAB Receiver manufacturing & Quality Control
 R&D and Academic purprp




 All-In-One system: (RF interface + optional ETI interface)
  RF Input : Band III (167~240MHz), L-Band(1,452~1,492MHz)
    * Optional ETI input : ETI NA (5592, 5376), ETI NI
 DAB+ play & monitoring
 DAB Mode I, II, II, IV
 "Multi-View" : Simultaneous play & monitor of all sub-channels in real time
 Extensive real time monitor & analysis with critical error information display on all kinds of T-DMB/DAB+/DAB services
 A/V &Visual Radio services play & monitor (H.264, BSAC/AAC+)
 Data services play & monitor (DLS, Slide Show, TPEG-TDC  & MOT, BWS)
 Audio(Musicam, DAB+), services play & monitor including PAD data
 BIFS play & monitor including in-depth MPEG2-TS/MPEG4 analysis
 On-Air Monitor & Analysis
 Expansion to ETI monitor system in the same system
 ETI Recoding from RF received signal


DAB Ensemble Status Diagnostics

RF logging/reporting, graphical signal level status

Real time recording of FIC, Sub channels, RDI data

FIC/MSC Error & Error rate display


Simultaneous play of all services in the whole



Audio, Video with/without BIFS, Slide Show, BWS,


TPEG, DLS play support


DABAir-Multi ETI Monitor/Analyzer application handles real-time ETI input streams or ETI data files that have been recorded using the DABAIR-Multi recorder applications. Optional dual inputs are also available. The ensemble information pane displays ETI layer analysis such as Ensemble name, EID, CIF_count, and displays Sub channel information including sub_channel ID, start address, channel size, label, and etc. The ETI errors are displayed on the ETI Monitor pane. The color of each indicator corresponds to a status level. Each indicator in the Status Panel represents the status of a monitored parameter for individual services. Media level field monitors error status of the each Audio, Video and Data and display the status of error level in terms of BSAC audio, H.264, MPEG2 TS, and CRC for data group and TPEG frame which comes with each service monitoring option.


 Highlights for ETI monitoring


Simultaneous display of Ensemble and sub-channel error status
 ETI/NI, ETI/NA 5376 and ETI/NA 5592 formats
G704 Sync reporting (ETI/NA)
ETI/NA Multi-frame Sync reporting
 ETI Header and Main Stream CRC checking
ETI Frame continuity, phase & length verification
 FIC CRC monitoring
 ETI/LI and ETI/NA Timestamp checking
 On-screen status indicators and event logs
 Reporting of input format, channel types, bit rates, protection levels, capacity units
 Multi-View : Simultaneous play & monitor of all sub-channels in real time
 Audio(Musicam, DAB+) services play & monitor including PAD data
 A/V & Visual Radio services play & monitor (H.264, BSAC/AAC+)
 Data services play & monitor (DLS, Slide Show, TPEG-TDC&MOT, BWS)
 BIFS play & monitor including in-depth MPEG2-TS/MPEG4 analysis
 Scheduled recording for saving ETI file
 Reconfiguration monitoring & history