Reliability :


Hardware case made by robust design (using Iron not plastic) and can combine with 3.5 HDD bay very tightly

Stability :


USB port included in the closed case and damage is very limited during bus running

Quality :


RF sensitivity and selectivity is much better then commercial receivers

Very high performance parts and high technological module design can provide good sensitivity

Iron case can prevent un-wanted signal well

FM Filter, Band Pass Filter can prevent un-wanted signal well

Dual Band support: Both Band III and L-Band supported

RF signal and basic Ensemble information can be monitored in Main GUI.  So can able to analyze the srvice quality


and broadcasting signal status

Auto frequency tuning and auto streaming function for the convenience of drivers which other commercial


receivers not support

Can able to get more detailed information if the user adds optional GPS function

Extension :


It is possible to customize some specific functions for particular customer and include additional features in the


software and then support external linking support like GPS receiver

External Streaming Player: Very good design/quality and support all DMB services (Video/Visual Radio,




* Single service streaming will be customized as per customer request