Various RF signal value (RF Level, FIC/MSC CRC


Error Rate, Zero BER Error rate, TII) Logging

Support CSV file format to integrate with Excel


program  (easy to use and update the DB)

Additional input index functionality support

GPS option additional support both NMEA row


format and Degree format support : GPS


Super_frame_header Information monitoring


- dac_rate, sbr_flag, aac_channel_mode, ps_flag,


  mpeg_surround_config, super_frame size

Error Information monitoring


- Reed-Solomon decoding ERROR,


  header_firecoder ERROR, au_crc ERROR,


  frame error ratia


H.264 + BSAC/AAC+ support

MPEG2-TS : PAT, PMT, PCR Monitoring

MPEG4 : H.264 OCR, CTS Monitoring

Video and Audio Sync Error Rate display with Graph

Customization of Graph Selection

Error information : H.264, BSAC, MPEG2-TS


Incoming MOT files download status

Live MOT Data streaming details

View MOT directory and MOT header/body


structure Information

View Total Number of MOT objects download status

Error information : Data Group CRC


Full BIFS/OD Parameter Analysis and Monitoring

PAT/PMT Analysis for comprehensive BIFS



TS Structure Analysis : PIDs, PSI, TS Hex data



MPEG2-TS Analysis : PAT, PMT, PES Header/


Payload, 14496 section, Descriptors

MPEG4 : IOD, OD, BIFS, SL configDescriptor,


scene graph. etc.


Support both TPEG-MOT & TPEG-TDC


: CTT, SDI, RTM, POI, NWS monitoring

Error information : TPEG Frame CRC



       Support PAD/NPAD

      Support Musicam, DAB+

       H.264 Video with BIFS &

        (DLS, SLS, BWS, TPEG)

         Audio Decoding

          BSAC/AAC+ Audio Decoding