Multi Ensemble receiving (Optional)


Analyze different frequency same time


Separate system pane support for multi device


Multi frequency RF logging




Signal Progress Color Selection


   - Can change signal value range for each color


Antenna Loss compensate functionality


   - Can compensate signal loss between Antenna and RF input port


Multi decoding (Optional)


 It can be decoded within 800 kbps range upto 7 services


  (3 video services within 640 kpbs, 4 audio & data services within 400 kbps)


* ML options are necessary for Multiple srvices play & monitor


RF value logging that can be run on optional GPS as well


Various RF signal value (RF Level, FIC/MSC CRC Error Rate, Zero BER Error rate, TII) Logging


Support CSV file format to integrate with Excel program (easy to use and update the DB)


Additional input index functionality support


Support both NMEA row format and Degree format


Total bit rates and CU allocation information display


Total bit rate information graph of whole services


CU allocation for each service


RF status Alarm  LED


Customer can set threshold value of RF Level and can see Alarm status


Reconfiguration information display


Indicates when a reconfiguration is being signaled


Real RF Level display


Support real RF level value (RSSI : Received Signal Strength Information, Signal Quality) display


TS information display


Bit Error Rate, Bite Error Rate, Synchronization information, Packet Error Rate, User Data Type(Profile)


   information display


BER Measurement form PRBS


Exact BER test can be available by using Psedo Random Binary Sequence instead of Real video service


TII information display


Display Transmitter identification Information (Main ID, Sub ID, Signal Strength and Signal No)