UBS's sleek and slender state-of-the-art DAB Modulator is setting new standards for DAB equipment. No longer does the broadcaster have to waste large areas of rack space deploying new solutions. The UBS solution occupies a mere 1U of rack space making it truly unique. This innovative product is the result of extensive consultation with many of the world's premier DAB broadcasters. It has been designed exclusively to satisfy the needs of the professional broadcaster, addressing the revolution now taking place in Radio throughout the world. The robust and efficient COFDM RF modulation technology provides superior coverage in non-line of sight situations. It is resistant to multipath interference even in a mobile environment.




Direct RF output from 47 MHz to 946 MHz in 1 Hz steps

Superior Shoulders and MER

SFN and MFN Support

Adaptive Non-linear Pre-corrector

Manual Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors

GbE Transport Stream Input based on Pro-MPEG Forum CoP #3

Interfaces for Web GUI, SNMP and Telnet remote control, machine to machine interface and software



CE Compliance


Modulator Supported Waveforms


ATSC compliant with A/53, A/54, A/64 and SMPTE-310M

ISDB-T/TB compliant with ARIB STD-B31, ARIB STD-B10, SBTVD N01, SBTVD N03 and ABNT NBR 15601

DVB-T/H compliant with ETSI DVB standards

DVB-SH compliant with ETSI DVB standards

DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB compliant with ETSI DAB standards and EU147

CMMB compliant with GY/T 220.1-2006 and 220.2-2006

DTMB compliant with GB20600-2006 and GY/T 229.1-2008 (SIP)


Optional Modulator Features


Internal GPS Receiver

Integrated DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/H or ISDB-T/TB Receiver

Adaptive Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors

0 dBm to 10 dBm output

L-Band RF Output from 1452 MHz to 1492 MHz

DVB-SH Code Combing mode