D-VAUDAX is a T-DMB broadcasting stream generator, developed by VDL in France. This equipment can offer the same functions as the DMB Head-end System used in actual broadcasting environment, and fully supports Ureka 147 standards and T-DMB standards. It will offer you a reliable environment for the development/mass-production of receivers.

D-VAUDAX is the most desirable equipment for the development/ mass-production of DMB receivers and its related equipments. D-VAUDAX is capable of providing Multiplexer Ensemble and Sub-channel, and since it is capable of scheduling, it can also make the reconfiguration of Ensemble possible. It accepts all kinds of input formats (data, audito (audio with DLS), video) as the source files, and with the separate ETI-STI input port, it can transmit live signals.

In particular, using the Test Stream for the mass-production, it can perfectly test all the necessary test parameters that are needed in the mass-production test, and it can also be used as the verifying system of the mass-production line

D-Vaudax is the only all-in-one multiplexer for broadcasting complying to all the ETSI standards for


T-DMB/DAB+/DAB. It is a field proven system manufactured together by a network provider, VDL of France, that


SM CNS supplies to Korea and Asia-pacific.

Stable Linux OS and ease of use 

All-in-one configurations including Mux controlling, data insertion, IP tunneling etc.

The same system can perform as the Ensemble, as well as Service Mux to create more efficient network design.


Compactness, Flexibility & Adaptablility


- Compactness helps to reduce costs Flexibility enables to build easily any system, simple or complex

Data Services


- Broadcast easily multimedia services

Remote Control & Remote Management


- Allows a complete control of systems from any place

Security & Redundancy


- Redundancy configuration guaranteed a continuous service

Easy management and User-friendliness


- Quick and simple access to the main functionalities


- Simple GUIs for easy and complete management