Multiplexing of the DAB flow from the source encoders – all bit rates supported (DMB) from 8 to 384 kb/s with 24 or


48 kHz sampling rates (DAB)

DAB+/DMB compatible

PAD/NPAD insertion via TCP-IP with DLS, MOT, Broadcast Websites, TPEG & Slide show.

Enables seamless dynamic reconfiguration

Works with both local and remote encoders interfaces with 1pps and 2.048MHz GPS time reference

Automatic time adjustment through RS232 or NTP server

Complete control on the multiplex configuration with scheduling possibility (add or delete a service, change bit rates,


change sources, ...)

Multilingual GUI (option)

Secure access with login and password, with full users'rights management

Visible archived alarms on the LCD display and on the GUI, locally or remotely, with Email, SMS or


SNMP reporting

Automatic switch on a MPEG file when signal is missing from an encoder (option)

Automatic switch on a spare encoder when signal is missing from an encoder (option)

Hardware automatic switch on a spare multiplexer when the ETI flow is missing (option)