Musicam/DAB+ Audio Encoder


Supports DAB MUSICAM, or DAB+ HE-AAC Audio based on


Eureka-147 standard.


Supports PAD (Program Associated Data) service and A/D input.


High audio quality output with extended PAD bitrate.


Multi-channel DAB+ software encoder up to 8channels in one


system also available on demand.



DAB+ Multi Channel Audio Encoder


Ensuring superior audio quality with proven system reliability, KME-Plus is the true multi-channel DAB+ audio encoder providing upto 8 stereo channels in one system advanced Visual radio encder, providing superior audio & picture quality.
Visual radio technology provides radio broadcasting with image based on A/V source input.


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Superior audio quality for DAB+ digital radio


broadcast services using Dolby licensed HE-AAC V2

Encoding upto 8 stereo channels in one set of


system simultaneously, ideal for today¡¯s digital radio broadcasting

Digital or analog / both digital & analogue audio


input interfaces supported (AES-EBU / Balanced analog)

Providing PAD interface for data servic

Easy and convenient to set encoding mode and


to monitor encoding operation

Assuring system reliability for commercial


broadcasting services

Software based flexible and easy to upgrade or



'Automatic Start' with system boot-up

Supporting remote control, silence detection,


SNMP trap, and status display in front panel